LumaGlo Crossbelt

Multi-colored LED, wearable illumination that provides 360° visibility for cyclists, runners and pedestrians

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2014

Crossbelt by LumaGlo- available this spring

Wearable Brake Light

Wearable Brake Light

Automatically alert others when you stop or slow thanks to speed sensors synced to bright red, rear LEDs.

Colored, Moving Patterns

Colored, Moving Patterns

Multi-colored, dynamic LED patterns separate you from background lights so you stand out.

360° Visibility

360° Visibility

Crossbelt illuminates you from all directions. It's designed to go beyond front and back lighting only, reducing the chance of being struck from the side.

Sash & Belt Design

Sash & Belt Design

One product with two convenient wear options that cater to all types of activities. Wear as a belt, or transform into a sash with a simple pivot of the custom designed control pod. Integrates conveniently with other gear (backpacks, panniers, bike frames, etc.).



For the first time, fashion meets safety. Ditch the dated construction-type vests and buckle on the timeless style of the Crossbelt.


  • Micro USB Rechargeable

    Save on battery costs and benefit the planet. A charge lasts for 2-4 hours. ​Recharging is simple using the included micro USB cable.

  • Wear over Backpack or Pannier

    Worn in sash mode, Crossbelt fits over bulky clothing, on/over a backpack or pannier.

  • Bright

    Be exceptionally visible with intense LEDs and our highly reflective strap material.

  • Emergency Mode

    Quickly activate a bright red strobe pattern, ideal for unpredictable situations.

  • Lightweight

    Crossbelt weighs about the same as a standard sized smartphone and is designed to stay firmly in place when you are active.

  • Weatherproof

    Rain and freezing temperatures are no match for Crossbelt's rugged materials and design.


“I am constantly having to train at night in all weather conditions and I feel so safe wearing the Crossbelt. I know I am seen by cars no matter how dark it is.”

Jay Bowen - Ultramarathon runner, Portland, OR.

 “Since I have been training with the Lumaglo Crossbelt prototype I feel more visible to cars from all directions on the road. It's great!”

Jon Rushton - Ironman Athlete, Boise, ID



“Safety is my primary concern, not just for me but my dog as well. The Lumaglo Crossbelt helps me to feel safe when we are out on the road at night”

Alana Lynn - Radio, TV Personality and Blogger, Fort Collins, CO.