How much does the Crossbelt weigh?

4.8 oz (135g), or about the same as a standard-sized smartphone.

Does the Crossbelt come with batteries?

It has a rechargeable battery. You can count on it to provide 3-6 hours of use from a full charge, depending on the lighting pattern and temperature. The package includes a micro USB cable you can connect to a laptop.

What is the Crossbelt strap made of?

The strap is made of a rugged polyester blend. It can be hand washed.

Can I wear it in the rain?

Yes. We wear the Crossbelt in Portland all the time, and it rains here plenty. But don’t submerge the control pod.

How do I choose the right size?

If you plan to wear the CrossBelt primarily as a belt, chose the small/medium size for waist sizes between 26”-34” and the large/x-large for waist sizes between 35”-46”. If you want to wear it as both a belt and sash, the small/medium size is for waist sizes up to 30” and the large/x-large for above 30”. Extra strap tucks into the belt clip to stay out of the way.

Do the LED's get hot?

No. They hardly get warm.

Does the Crossbelt have different light colors?

Yes. There are eight light modes to choose from, each using different colors or moving patterns.

How bright is it?

That depends on the lighting mode used. All modes can be seen from several blocks away when it’s dark outside.


Can I wear it with a backpack or Camelbak?

Yes, the size L/XL is ideal for use with a backpack or messenger bag. It can be worn as a sash over the shoulder and the backpack. It can also be attached directly to the backpack or bag using the included belt clip.


Can I attach it to my bag?

Yes. It can be attached to a backpack, messenger bag, or bike bag.


What comes in the package?

The Crossbelt, a micro USB charging cable and a quick start guide.