Hello. I’m Bryony. 

Hello. I’m Bryony. 

I grew up in the eighties. That was before the Internet, in fact, it was before computers were really even a thing. Mobile phones were something we gawked over in movies like Back to the Future. The absence of technology during the bulk of my childhood meant I was forced to do two things daily to keep myself entertained: I had to use my imagination, and I had to play outdoors.


I often link my childhood to what kind of an adult I’ve turned out to be, and find that fundamentally, I haven’t changed too much except that I’ve figured out how to make a living from what I did best as a kid. I am an adventure sports and travel writer, and spend my days applying my imagination (and of course my experiences) to articles, blogs and features.
My passion for the outdoors and travel are unadulterated. I am my absolute happiest when I am outdoors doing something adventurous or active. I have spent years surfing, and chased a summer around the globe a couple of years back, surfboard, backpack and not a worry in the world – just chasing sunsets, catching sunrises and surfing hidden breaks along pristine coastlines. My love for the ocean is matched by my love of mountains, and in more recent years I have found comfort in being uncomfortable on regular and ultra-distance trail runs.

I have traversed mountain ranges, climbed to the top of high peaks, fallen over boulders, rolled my ankles more times than I can remember, run through the night, run without stopping for 29 hours and more. Trail running has taken me to some interesting countries, India, Zimbabwe, and South Africa to name a few. I have just started fooling around on the road too – and testing out my limits on the tarmac. When I need a break from running, I pay my mountain bike some attention, and have come a long way since my first 20km race (which for the record I thought was the most insane thing anyone on the planet could ever do). I’ve ridden stage races on the island of Mauritius and alongside wild game in National Reserves in Africa.


On top of that I like to start my days with a sun salutation and have been an avid fan of yoga for almost 10 years now, using it to balance and centre myself when the chaos of regular life, deadlines and demands gets too much. I have also recently taken it upon myself to learn more about nutrition and sport, and have been studying nutrition with the purpose of being able to fuel and treat my body properly, with good, wholesome food and in the process, inspire and educate fellow athletes on how to do the same thing.

A gypsy at heart with an inability to settle for too long in one place, I am excited to share my experiences, training tips, eating advice and passion with you lot, through this fabulous blog. I’m here to train with you, talk to you, eat with you, laugh with you, try new things with you and above all – have a blast, all while experimenting with the fantastic LumaGlo.







Bryony McCormick

I'm an adventure sport and travel writer. I'm an avid trail runner and mountain biker, aspiring adventurer and average surfer. I do yoga to stay sane, live a vegetarian lifestyle and sometimes prefer the company of my cat to actual humans. My heart belongs in the ocean and my soul in the mountains.