Our Story

We are Portlanders. We love our city as much as our mountains. We enjoy running, cycling and the fresh air. As outdoor aficionados, we don’t stop when the sun goes down.  However, that’s when being seen is most important to safety.


We’ve tried those reflective vests and and other High Viz safety gear.  Nothing has evolved in this category for years.  Our LumaGlo founders set out to find a way to enjoy daily adventures, while being safer on the road. We joined forces with a team of business professionals experienced in manufacturing, marketing and distribution. Together, as technology lovers and forward-thinking engineers, we have refined and modernized this revolutionary piece of technology, known as the Crossbelt. We don’t aim to be cool. We just don’t want to be dorky. It’s that simple.


Now, with the Crossbelt, we defy darkness. We run and bike at night, we walk our dogs and camp with our kids, we attend nighttime festivals and outdoor concerts, all with the confidence of knowing that we are seen and safe in these environments.


Give our LumaGlo Crossbelt a try and conquer your darkness. We know you will love it as much as we do.