Our Story

LumaGlo began in a humble garage among a collection of outdoor gear we wanted our families to be able to enjoy safely at any time: bicycles, running shoes, skateboards, scooters, and dog leashes.  We were frustrated with the shortcomings of personal lighting solutions we tried.  Headlamps and taillights blended in with car and streetlights making them ineffective, and reflective vests were ugly and typically included only reflective tape. We knew we could create something better with a little love and a lot of drive and experimentation. 

We broke out the solder gun, circuit boards, sewing machines and tested a variety of weather-resistant materials. We worked day and night.   Over the next several years, we built 150 units by hand and spent thousands of hours listening, refining, improving, and sharing what we produced. We gave away samples to strangers in exchange for helpful feedback. Our spouses and kids sacrificed by curbing family vacations, purchases and time in support of this dream. We were confident we had created a product that would allow us and the people we care about to explore the world at night, safely. 

Finally, we reached a turning point. The demand for our invention was rising, but our make-shift warehouse was overflowing and our hands simply couldn’t work fast enough. We needed help with manufacturing so we could bring our products to market in a faster and bigger way. Patience and diligence paid off; After turning down partnership offers from companies that didn’t share our vision, we began working with a local business accelerator that truly understood our goals and values. Together, we took LumaGlo to the next level.

Today we stand proudly behind our refined, high-tech, wearable illumination belt (and sash). It significantly enhances the wearer’s visibility and helps save lives. Included in every box is the passion and enthusiasm we have for adventure, close relationships, and timeless style. Here in Portland, Oregon, like so many other suburbs and cities, bike commuting, running and outdoor activities are a growing part of our culture. Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are on the rise, and LumaGlo hopes to reverse this trend while empowering communities everywhere to be active before the sun rises and after it sets. 


Randy Lathrop

Jill Saucedo

Ward Ramsdell

Russ Lathrop